Humanity Frontier

Exploring Sol System.

The Sol System as of 2160. Shuttles have been sent to colonize.

2160 - The government of this Era was the Republic, created on Earth. They sent colonial shuttles with an appointed Governor to oversee the settlements with a couple of volunteers and soldiers to defend. The number of shuttles sent was lost but what is certain is least 5 shuttles arrived on habitable planets. The five became to be Cencri, Altria, Novan, Opruna and Achaem. Republic expeditionary fleet was also present with the Colonial settlements, often orbiting from above to protect their colonies but their other purposes are classified and unknown.

  • Altria was the first to land and establish contact with the Republic. Their leader was Sereya Altria.
  • Cencri was the second landing, some light years away still close to Altria. Their leader was Marcus Cencri.
  • Opruna was the third landing, rather far from Cencri and Altria. Leader unknown believed to have been of Asian decent.
  • Novan was the fourth to land, their location is unknown. No contact was made by them or the Republic. Leader also unknown, believed to have been of European descent.
  • Achaem was the fifth and final or so the Republic claims. Where they originally went is unknown. Leader also unknown, believed to have been of American descent.
  • Another was sent but they were not sanctioned by the Republic, their original name is forever lost but they would become what is known as The Praetoris Foundation. Their original leader is unknown though believed to have been of Russian descent.

2162 - Things were starting well, Altria was growing, their small settlements became towns and towns became cities. They were growing faster than the Republic had anticipated. Cencri on the other hand was slow at first, while they had an easy landing and start, the planets spontaneous and harsh environments were challenging at first, not to mention the wildlife often posed a threat to the settlement. During this time it is believed that Opruna, Novan and Achaem went dark, there was little to no contact made at all.

  • Cencri's militia was disbanded in place of a standing army.
  • Republic agreed but kept tabs on them to ensure loyalty.

2172 - 10 years have gone by and Altria was experiencing massive infrastructure and technological advances, they were building schools and research centers not to mention they had massive funding from the Republic. They also discovered lithium and uses it as a trading resource for economies on some planets they'd colonized. However unlike their neighbors, Cencri, had declared themselves an Empire, with the people crowning Wiliam as the Emperor of Cencri. The Republic was not please and appeared in force to make the Cencri submit.

  • Cencri is declared an Empire
  • The Republic arrived in force to force Cencri to submit.
  • The Emperor agrees not wanting to cause a war between the two.
  • The Cencri Empire has been dismantled after two years.
  • Republic forces are garrisoned there to ensure loyalty.

Two Year War

Republic Fleet Bombards Cencri's Capital.

Bombardment of Cencri's Capital.

2178 - 6 years have passed and Cencri has expanded to a total of six cites, the first settlement was turned into the Capital while the others were just major cities. Their technology wasn't a massive boom like Altria's. Altria's fate was changed at this moment when they signed the charter and became a part of the Republic. They got more funding than ever before and expanded on plenty of moons and other planets. Meanwhile, on the outer reaches of the colonial systems, one of the first initial colonies have finally made contact with the other colonies, although their systems and power is undetermined until later. However Cencri would soon experience it's first massive war and their entire colony depended on if they could endure. They found themselves under attack from the very government that created them.
  • Republic Garrison is seen leaving.
  • Armed prisoners arrive on the planet and begin a massive attack on all cities and towns.
  • Cencri fights across all planets but is unable to hold any ground. They lose everything but the capital and one other city.
  • Republic Fleet arrives and bombard their planet, killing everything and everyone within sight.
  • Cencri people were forced to hunker in bunkers and go into hiding.


2180 - After the two year war against Cencri and the Republic, Cencri's planet was reduced to rubble but all was not lost. They endured, came out of hiding and began to rebuild. Rumors of a mercenary group calling themselves the Achaem was spreading throughout the outer systems and offered their services to those of need. Although Achaem's past about being a colony was forgotten. Cencri accepted and soon they had manpower and even protection from the Republic Fleet. But they had to use a Republic radio to call them, allowing the Republic to realize the Cencri had survived the two year war and wouldn't be long before they arrive.

  • Cencri begins to rebuild after their losses.
  • Achaem, a mercenary group, despite their initial starts as a colony, offers their services to Cencri and they accept.
  • Achaem sends aid to Cencri and soon they find themselves rebuilding quicker than anticipated.

2185 - The Republic and Achaem eventually meet to talk about either joining the Republic or to leave their colonies alone. Meanwhile, Republic offers Cencri to come once again under their rule. Cencri accepts knowing they cannot win another war. Republic funds are sent alongside man power to aid Cencri in their reconstruction. Achaem men are sent back to their homeplanet.

  • Negotiations between Republic and Achaem begin, outcome unknown. Negotiations were predicted to be neutral since Republic and Achaem did not engage in a fight.
  • Cencri has rejoined the Republic's rule after signing the charter.
  • Achaem forces leave Cencri and go back to their homeworld.

2200 - 15 years have passed since Cencri has rejoined the fold. Opruna has finally made contact with the Republic and is reported to have owned 4 planets alongside their home planet but the number is uncertain. Cencri and Altria experiences massive economical and technological growth. Cencri focuses more on military might where as Altria focuses on exploration and energy sector. In fact their technology boom was surprisingly fast despite everything. Altria is also been known to contain multiple moons and off world bases for their research.

  • Cencri's technology includes Arc Reactors, VPC (Versatile Powered Combat Suits), Medical technology has also began. Guass technology is also being developed. They also created multiple metal alloys of different uses, strength and properties. They also managed to create stable fusion.
  • Cencri begins talk with Altria. Purpose unknown, only James Cencri was known to have gone.
  • Altria completes their Life Support and Exporation suits, AI research starts. Also begins Cold Fusion.
  • Republic Fleet begins to leave the Colonial Sector, reasons unknown.

Interstellar War Begins

Intersteller War Begins

Destruction of Altria's ships. Republic forces overwhelm Colonials.

It is the year 2233, for 33 years no one has heard anything from the Republic, their fleet had pulled back from Colonial space gradually at first before a complete recall was done. The colonies believed they were allowing them free reign. Unfortunately that was far from the case, within a month, the entire Republic Fleet arrived within their system and began attacking everyone that was a Colonial. What sparked this war has been lost throughout history but what is certain is somewhere in the years prior to the war, the Republic began to break down and two sides emerged; Pro-Colonial and Pro-Republic. Pro-Republic launched an all out war against the Colonies and Opruna was the first to fall under the Republic. Opruna's planets were destroyed by orbital bombardment and their home planet was glassed. Altria soon became under fire alongside the Cencri systems.

  • Opruna is the first to be attacked. It was a Republic victory as all planets were taken, their people used for forced labor and their home planet glassed.
  • Cencri is under attack by Republic forces, their VPC combat suits and Guass rifles proves more than effective at wiping out the forces, routing them back to their fleets.
  • Altria is under attack from multiple locations but their research centers are untouched.
  • Achaem forces arrive to aid Cencri in retaking their planet before equipping Achaem with their technology and begins to scatter through Cencri and Altria systems to retake planets lost during the attack.

2235 - 2 years have passed and the war has spread throughout the colonial systems. Smaller colonies were easily taken while others put up a fight. Cencri, Altria and Achaem tried their best to aid the other colonies. Republic forces began developing drones to combat the Cencri's VPC armor and their Gauss Rifle. Cencri, Achaem and Altria are the main driving force behind the Colonial defenses and attacks against the Republic. Cencri and Altria joined technologies realizing they were going to be outgunned and manned by the Republic forces.

  • Cencri and Achaem's leader set up base within Altria.
  • Republic forces and Colonial forces battle it out through the entire system.
Cencri's Capital In Flames

Burning of Cencri's Capital. Republic Fleet over head once more.

2236 - Battle For Cencri begins. Republic Fleet arrives at Cencri. Cencri's forces are thinned out and many soldiers are forced to pull back. Orbital Defenses begin to arm itself as Republic Troops manage to land within the planet and begin to wreak havoc throughout the Capital. Achaem's ships engages the Republic as Cencri's ground forces engages Republic troops. Altria's fleet begins to finally arrive as they engage alongside Achaem. They must drive back the Fleet before the reinforcements from Opruna arrives.

  • Republic Troops arrive on Cencri and attacks, Cencri is forced to withdraw and focus on their homeplanet.
  • The Capital has been taken! Achaem must hold the fleet until Altria arrives or Cencri will suffer much like Ohperus.
  • Orbital Defenses are online as the Republic Fleet begins to overpower the combined fleet.
  • Cencri's soldiers are being shot off in drop pods towards the Republic Fleets as Rail guns began firing at the capital ships.
  • Cencri detonates their VPC suits in the capital for a Pyrrhic Victory.
  • Altria's main fleet arrives just in time to route the Republic Fleet away as they regroup elsewhere in the system.
  • Republic forces are taken and transported to a Cencri Moon base, their status, unknown.
  • Battle lasted several months.

2238 - Two years of constant scrimmage between Colonial forces and Republic forces continue, both sides suffering losses and wins but the Republic is weakening from the inside, in fighting on their home world is causing Republic to begin fracturing. Colonial Forces begins to take more wins, their first majority victory was the liberation of the Opruna system. Many battles were recorded but these five battles determined the outcome of the war. Each battle took months of fighting. The Blitz lasted one month and it was considered the colonials best maneuver against the Republic.

Constant Skirmishes.

Battle over Harvest. Republic Ships in the background. Colonial in front.

  • Battle over Harvest - Republic Victory, Colonial fleet flees back to Altria held systems.
  • Battle of Atropos - Republic victory, Colonial forces are rerouted back towards Atria system.
  • Ambush of Lahmu - Pyrrhic Victory, Colonial side, Republic donates capital ship, causing heavy damage to Republic ships. William Cencri was killed in this fight, his son Sam Cencri, resume control of Cencri and her systems.
  • Retaking of Achaem - Colonial Victory. The Colonies retake much of Achaem's Republic held territories, bolstering their forces.
  • Blitz of Novan - Colonial Victory, Republic forces are either captured or killed during the Blitz as they recapture one of their initial colonies. The Novan's side with the colonies after the battle.
  • Battle of Rhea - Colonial Victory. Republic Forces is heavily defeated by Altria, Achaem and Cencri. This battle is the most important as it served as the Colonial's staging point for the final assault of the Republic Fleet.

2240 - The day of reckoning came, the Republic Fleet and Colonial Fleet met up just between the borders of the Sol System and Colonial System. The Republic was weakened and the Colonial forces suffered heavy losses but it was still dead even. The infighting of the Republic has driven their government to near collapse causing less ships being made alongside Drones for their ground army. If the Republic defeats the colonial forces, the colonies would forever be utterly defeated. But victory for the colonies mean the utter destruction of the Republic as a whole and they would never again rise to power.

  • Rumor has it that both Republic and Colonial Forces were willing to call a true. But history has it that a shot was fired that sparked the war, both sides claim it was the other one, this information is debatable but what is certain is both fleets engaged.
  • 10,000 Republic ships with 5 Capital Ships against the meager 750 ships with three Capital Ships of the Colonial Fleet.
  • Cencri forces began docking capital ships, vying for control of the ship.
  • Republic forces dock Colonial fleets and ground fighting occurs.
  • Cencri manages to gain the upper hand and begins turning capital ships against their own giving the colonies the upper hand.
  • Achaem's fleet flanks from the side, causing disarray and splitting of the main forces.
  • Altria powers through the front lines as the secondary fleet of the Republic moves to engage the main fleet.
  • During the fight, a virus was somehow introduced into the Republic fleet, erasing all knowledge of Earth and the Sol System. This proved to be detrimental to the colonies, the Republic has no where to run. The events pertaining to the virus is unknown. Person of interest is also unknown.
  • Victory for the Colonies! They've defeated the Republic Fleet as they scatter to the winds! The Republic has lost!

The Colonial Alliance

The 7 year Interstellar War is over. The Republic Forces have been driven back and the Republic is no more, however all information including Earth and her systems are gone. The colonies are separated from Earth forever. Their remaining forces have either fled or crashed landed on isolated planets, left to fend for themselves. The Republic will never again rise to the power they once had. But this victory means peace for the colonies and the ability to forge ahead their own destiny.

Months after the war, a council was called by the big major factions of the war, Altria, Cencri and Achaem. They called the other smaller colonies to join and created what is known as the Altrian Alliance. Others called it the Colonial Alliance but either name works. Altria would prove to be the main leader of the Alliance due to their advancement of technology and overall relative untouched system during the war. The purpose of the Alliance was to help each other rebuild what was lost and share their respective technology with each other. Under Altria's leadership, the colonies ushered in an era of peace and prosperity. They had finally achieved Independence and no longer under the rule of the Republic.

The Golden Era


Altria's capital at the height of it's power.

It is the year 2242, two years have passed since the creation of the Altrian Alliance. Many of the smaller colonies were beginning to rebuild while Cencri and Altria had an easier time rebuilding their ruined cities and capitals. The written record holds that the Golden Era lasts from the years 2242 til 3240. For their assistance and valor in adding the colonial forces, Altria and Cencri agreed to give Achaem a system of their own, six planets in total and allowing them to name it as they deem fit.

Age of Peace

2244 - Two years have passed by since Achaem was given their own system. Reconstruction begins system wide as colonies that were taken by the Republic were liberated and their homeward given resources, manpower and protection from invaders. For now things were operating slowly.

  • Altria disperses multiple supply, transport and military transport across the system, sending aid to those that need.
  • Opruna is forced to live off world, on an Alliance sanctuary until they can find a way to recover their ruined planets and glassed home world. Their other planets were in the process of reconstruction.
  • Cencri is nearly done rebuilding their capital.

2292 - 50 years have passed since reconstruction. Cencri, Altria and Achaem continue to grow in power as they begin to demilitarize themselves after the long war. Novan has fully joined the Alliance after rebuilding their homeward and is given four other planets to settle on.

2342 - Time continues to pass and not much else has changed, Altria begins to work on their AI technology while Cencri begins to work on their medical technology.

2492 - 250 Years have passed and the anniversary of the Altrian Alliance is being celebrated. The technological advances that has occurred from the 250 year gap has allowed for better military advances, better reconstruction technology and designs and finally advancement in Space travel, ushering the Age of Expansion.

  • Altria has successfully created Cold Fusion and Fusion capacitors as power supplies. Also created AI's for the first time though their uses are limited.
  • Cencri has abandoned the clunky VPC suits in favor for the new Carbo-Titanium composite body suit with layers of armor attached to the suits. Medical technology has also improved. Cencri begins military research under the guise that they are rebuilding using Altria's funds.
  • Achaem continues on improving their infrastructure and technology with the help of Altria and Cencri.
  • Opruna continues develop technology hoping to be able to terraform their glassed planet back into a habitable planet.

Age of Expansion

Meganerid 10

Alliance shuttles leaving in search of new planets.

The Age of Expansion was brought upon after the Age of Peace. This point in the colonial history was filled with vast colonization and exploration by Alliance forces. They'd hope to expand their influence from their system and throughout. They scattered exploration shuttles to practically ever corner of the system with many reaching off worlds and establishing outposts and settlements. One of the major planets found was called Primordia, in honor of Earth due to it's near image of Earth itself, but for now the planet would be nothing more than a settlement.

2500 - Two years have gone by since the Alliance scattered multiple exploration shuttles throughout the system. Opruna has finally recovered it's four planets and has already began to move back to their colonies. Though their main planet remains a glassed world. Novan has reached it's height alongside Cencri, Altria and Achaem.

2550 - Primordia has been established and a settlement containing each colony has been made. When the Alliance began their mass exploration, they all agreed that each shuttle would contain people from each colony so that when they did land they would continue to uphold the ideals of the Alliance and hopeful flourish as they grow.

Corsairs Of the Stars

2598 - 40 Years have passed since the colonial expansion while things have been going great, things were also going wrong. Many of the outer settlements were going dark, most communications either stopped all together or were stuck on a distress loop but every time the colonial forces arrived, things were gone or destroyed. However the one constant that stayed was the mark of the Corsairs, currently an unknown group at the time but the mark was present throughout most of the destroyed colonies.

  • Mass settlements begin to dissapear
  • Mark of the Corsairs are seen throughout.
  • Alliance forces begin to send in troops under Cencri's command.

2603 - Cencri's forces arrived in just five years and managed to retake many of the lost settlements allowing most of the colonials to return. But the attacks were still constant, Cencri was unable to track down where the Corsairs operated and continued to wreak havoc throughout the system.

  • Alliance Fleet arrives under the Cencri's Admiral command.
  • Many settlements are retaken but Corsairs continue to disrupt their efforts.

2608 - The Corsairs made a fatal mistake when they attacked one of Cencri's own settlements and major supply to the fleet. The Alliance Fleet arrived in numbers and quickly attacked the pirates with no mercy, surprisingly they had mediocre tech but none that belonged to the settlers instead many were old Republic Technology just modified to be better. Cencri belived the Republic had returned but could not confirm. They would continue to battle the Pirates on skirmishes.

  • Corsairs attack a major settlement, Alliance Fleet intercepts.
  • Cencri captures many of the pirates and are interrogated, their status is unknown.
  • Republic tech is documented to be in the hands of the Corsair, their affiliation with the Republic is currently unknown.

War for the Outer Systems

2610 - The Corsairs were quiet for two years until Alliance Fleet detected a large mobilized force heading towards Primordia, the jewel of the Outer Systems. With a fleet of 400 ships, the Alliance Fleet moved to intercept. Only one of the battles were documented to have fought on a planet's surface while the rest of the war was fought over naval battles.

  • Battle of Dasse Prime - Colonial victory, Corsair's ground forces are utterly decimated by the sheer technology gap and skills.
  • Battle of Kronos - Constant battle of Kronos's space, Corsair defeat, forced to retreat. The battle was not a head on engagement but skirmishes of small naval engagements.
  • Battle of Berith II - Colonial Victory, managed to intercept the Corsairs before they could land and smashed their fleet apart.
  • Battle of Primordia - Colonial Victory, Corsairs attempted a final all out battle against the Alliance. They were utterly defeated and any survivors were interrogated before executed for crimes against the Alliance.

2615 - The battle of Primordia marked the end of the war. The five year war against the Corsairs was over and many of the settlements have been liberated and restored by the Alliance aid. Afterwards the Alliance fleet left the system leaving small frigates here and there to watch over the system for further attacks. Interestingly, one of the pirates claimed to have spoke with a Republic soldier. The claim is unconvinced but heeded well they did. The man is then killed later.

  • Corsairs are gone and their leader executed.
  • Rumors of Republic resurgence, claim is substantial but not enough.

2742 - 127 years have passed since the end of the War for the Outer Systems. Many of the settlements that were once small towns have become blooming cities. The Alliance continues to prosper despite the war. However, things were starting to change. One of Opruna's settlements made contact with a new faction, calling themselves the The Praetoris Foundation. The Alliance would keep watch for now. This would mark the end of the Expansion Age and usher in the Age of Strife.

Age of Strife


Alliance council chambers, deciding about the fate of the Alliance.

8 Years have passed since the Corsairs were defeated. The Alliance although still in their Golden Age, are beginning to fracture from within. Many of the colonies that once joined were weak and small compared to Altria and Cencri but after the 508 years of medical, technological and infrastructure progress, many of them are questioning their part within the Alliance, after all it's creation was to help with reconstruction but was there much of a point now?

2750 - Within the outer reaches of the colonial systems, the settlers are content and peaceful with what they have, many are still loyal to their home world and Alliance. Back at Altria, a meeting was called in order to pacify the crowd, Ingrid Altria, the current leader at the time urged that they remain together to further progress their prosperity and peace. Of course, many argued that there was no need for an Alliance since the Corsairs and Republic were beaten. Issacs Cencri, was not present at the time. In the end, she managed to quell the masses and convince much of the colonies to remain within the Alliance.

  • Peace has returned for the most part.
  • Many of the colonies wants to leave and form their own Alliances or systems alone.
  • Ingrid manages to hold the Alliance together for now.

2752 - Opruna intercepts a message, apparently a new faction calling themselves, The Praetoris Foundation. Their status and affiliation is unknown. They arrived towards the edge of the Colonial systems and the Alliance meet them. They claim they were from Earth but was not sanctioned by the Republic at the time, meaning they were not part of the original expedition that left Earth. The Praetoris Foundation, claim that they are genius's who left Earth in search of a higher calling and/or power. Meanwhile, Cencri begins setting up a moon base, they have yet to tell it's purpose or use.

  • The Praetoris Foundation makes themselves known.
  • The Alliance offers them a membership. They have neither confirmed nor denied.
  • Cencri begins on working on a military base on a moon, without knowledge of anyone.

2762 - 10 years since the The Praetoris Foundation have arrived at the colonial sector. They have reluctantly agreed to join the Alliance much to the satisfaction of the others. The Praetoris Foundation's history was short despite it's long upcoming. The Praetoris Foundation although left Earth were destroyed multiple within it's history. It wasn't until Konrad whom leaded them and united them to form the Foundation it is today. The Foundation owns four planets circling a giant red star, not the best choice but none the less their people forged on. The Preatoris prided themselves on Cybernetics technology and as such per charter agreement, all technology must be made known to the Alliance, though they do not need to share.The Preatoris agreed sharing some but not all.

  • The Preatoris Foundation has finally entered the Alliance.
  • Preatoris shares some of their cybernetics tech to the Alliance.
  • Preatoris is well known for their Hypervelocity cannons.
Moon base.

Interior of Cencri's Moon Base.

2765 - Back during the Interstellar war, many of the Republic troops were surrendered or captured were taken to Cencri, of course under the guise they were taken prisoners. Even til now, many of the colonies have operated under the belief that the prisoners of war were jailed until death, but the truth was they were subjected to harsh experiments, mainly into biochemical and surgical augmentations. Cencri's experiment at first were failures but eventually after 200 experimentation, their results bore fruit, the results were five biochemical augmentations and the other two were surgical. In the present, Cencri's moon base was completed and began working on a new type of armor, one that was designed for augmented humans. Issacs believed that this would be helpful in the years to come but this would come to be one of the major fracturing reasons of the Alliance near the beginning of the Fourth Era. Another important mark was Altria had long completed their AI technology and began sharing it throughout the Alliance. Cencri found this to be the perfect time to begin working on their new project.

  • Cencri begins their super soldier program, breaking the charter by not informing anyone.
  • Altria finishes their AI project.
  • They begin working on a new combat armor, the status and purpose is unknown.

2780 - 15 years later and Cencri has created the armor and although far from perfect they spent years with multiple iterations. However, rumor has spread that the Republic they once defeated so long ago were beginning to rise once again. Many of the leaders found it to be nothing more than superstitious stories, but they took no chance. Altria sent scouting groups to various locations on where the rumors appeared, for now. The colonies were getting restless some see it as a fake, trying to get them to stay within the Alliance while others believed it.

Fracturing of the Alliance

2785 - One of the darkest time in the Alliance, after 5 years of searching and without proof of the Republics so called resurgence many of the colonies begin withdrawing from the Alliance. At first it was a couple small colonies holding at most 3 planets but soon the larger and stronger ones left. The current Alliance was made up of a handful of settlers loyal to their home word and the big five; Altria, Cencri, Achaem, Novan and Opruna. The Praetoris Foundation is not yet committed fully to the Alliance despite their membership but they stay none the less.

  • The Alliance has fractured, many of the colonies have began leaving.
  • Only five remain along with a small handful of settlements.

2835 - 50 years after the massive withdraw from the Alliance, many of the former colonies have banded together and formed their own factions or alliance. The major ones were known as Valem, Etheinia and Ocia, comprised of many former colonies within the Alliance. The Altrian Alliance met with all three and they agreed that they would be neutral towards each other because of their past history and still traded with each other. The three Alliances were small compared to the Altrian.

  • Valem, Etheinia and Ocia has formed from the old colonies.
  • Altria calls for a meeting between all three. They all remain neutral to one another while accepting trade.

Cencri Carbon-Titanium Exo Suit.

2885 - Another 50 years have passed, since then peace has been kept throughout the colonial systems. The Altrian Alliance continues on along with Valem and Ocia but Etheinia has been kept quiet for the last two years. Valem is the first to investigate but it would take awhile awhile before they could reach their systems. In the last year, Cencri finishes their armor and begins recruiting people for their super soldier program calling it Project Deus. Unbeknownst to most of the colonials, is that many of the people were children usually orphans that had no where to go, of course none were kidnapped and all were offered a choice to join or leave.

  • Etheinia goes dark, their status is unknown and Valem goes to check their status.
  • Cencri finishes their armor and begins Project Deus.

2910 - It's been 25 years since expeditionary fleet sent by Valem left and never returned. However, Valem themselves have gone dark during the years. The only distress signal they were able to receive was that they were under attack but the signal cuts off from there. Ocia is closer to the Alliance system than Valem and Etheinia would be. Cencri's augmentation proved to be a failure with a 90% mortality rate while the two that survived rejected the augmentation. For now they would research on improving their augmentation procedures to lower the chances of fatality. Alliance Fleets on the other hand was being armed and prepared, with the disappearance of Valem and Etheinia they couldn't afford to lose Ocia and their systems.

  • Valem goes dark as well, the expeditionary fleet is missing.
  • Alliance begins to arm themselves while Ocia temporarily rejoins the Alliance once more.
  • Cencri halts Project Deus until they can perfect the Augmentations.

2960 - Another 50 years have passed and the Alliance were worried, Ocia's outer colonies were beginning to fall and Ocia's fleet was getting decimated, whomever attacked them made sure not a single ship would ever come back. Worse was whenever the Alliance fleet did meet the small fleets that attacked, their ships bore no sigil or banner, they thought they were dealing with another pirate group but their tactics and technology were deemed too advance and well throughout for a pirate group.

  • Ocia begins to fall, their settlements are being attacked and taken.
  • Alliance Fleet arrives to help alleviate some of the problems as they begin to patrol around the Ocia system.

2970 - 10 years later and the attacks have paused for now. Valem and Etheinia is deemed lost and the Alliance prepares a Fleet to go and retake the planets lost. Cencri on the other hand resumes Project Deus after improving their augmentation procedure, although not perfect they lowered the mortality rate down to 30% opposed to the 80% fatality rate. They also have improved effects of the Augmentation two fold allowing better usage as well. They once again recruit orphans ages 6 to 7. Tera Altria, the leader at this time begins to realize that nearly all past leaders of Cencri had been on this specific moon base more than once at any given day. Tera kept tabs on James Cencri, leader of the Cencri systems at the time.

  • Attack on Ocia has stopped for now, Alliance Fleets prepares to retake Valem and Etheinia.
  • Cencri resumes their Project and Tera suspects something.

2975 - 5 years later and Cencri's project continues unnoticed but not unsuspected, Cencri's Program proves successful as the original 150 children have grown up to be ages 11 to 12. They trained from such a young age and have already gone to beaten most elite Cencri troops using just their smarts and tactics. Another two more years and they would be subjected to the Augmentation procedures. However Tera gives James another notice, to tell the Alliance why he has been...quiet for some time. James has been absent for most Alliance meeting in quite awhile and they begin to suspect something was up. The Alliance Fleet is still mobilizing and would take some years before they could move out and retake such a large system.

  • Cencri's Project resumes and have gone well. The children have far surpassed any expectations they once had.
  • Tera gives James an ultimatum to either tell what James have been up to or they will remove him from the Alliance all together.

2980 - Cencri has finally completed the first iteration of their Project, the result was the ultimate super soldier, dubbed the Titans. In 2977, Tera had gone to the moon base alone and met with James, the two have a unique relationship during their rule of Altria and Cencri. Rumor has it they had a child together after James courted Tera for awhile, of course she'd never remarry after the loss of her husband. James reluctantly showed what he was doing these past 10 years and given her a tour of the entire facility, for now only showing her one of the Titans. After that was done she parted and expected a report given to all leaders of the Alliance, she was disappointed that James kept such a thing from her. That report would never come to pass because the Republic would arrive and attack the Alliance in full force once more, sparking the Republic War that ravaged their system once again.

  • Project Deus is fully completed alongside with 'Smart' AI's created from using the brains of live people, something Altria wouldn't have done with their AIs. However, Smart AI's only lasted 5 to 7 years before they would begin rampancy due to the repressed personality of the person used comes full force and begins to disrupt the AI's programming.
  • Tera and James meet on the moon base, the purpose is unknown, some believe it was to speak about their affair.
  • The Titans armor comprised of a nano carbon-titanium composite exo body suit, It is very well insulated,
    I9^cimgpsh orig

    Standard Cencri Titan armor

    pressure sealed, extremely tough, powered by the user's own systems; contains on board computers and AI accommodation; has temperature regulation systems; it is fairly radiation resistant and is capable of adding to our already augmented strength and speed using a force multiplier circuit. Also a hydrostaic gel was incorporated within the suit to absorb and kinetic energy and impacts. The outer shell is comprised of armored shell melds upon the exo-suit. When the helmet is, attached the entire body is enveloped in pressure sealed armor, allowing the wearer to operate in environments that would otherwise contain too many hazards to operate within. The armor is shaped for and placed on the body in such a way that movement is not impeded at all, although it does somewhat obviously add the the wearer's profile. The shell covers the upper chest and back, arms, hips, legs, calves, feet, hands, and head. It is composed of an amorphous alloy of titanium layers thick something only a Titan can wear. Also the Gel is interwoven into the shell as well. All armor eventually had a small thrusters included to help slow their descent from the atmosphere when doing jumps or for other uses.

Republic War


Standard Republic Soldier

It is the year 2982 and war has been brought to the shores of the Alliance System. The Republic during the past 600 plus years have been steadily rebuilding much of their fleet and forces. They were forced to hide and lick their wounds, hiring mercenaries to join their cause and began to retake planets that were once liberated from the Republic but not affiliated with the Alliance. Over time the Republic's taken planet were forced to militarize everything in order to mass produce the ships they needed, however their technology was far outdated and thus they abandoned almost all of their old tech in favor for the new ones they've been working on. They used their drones from during the Interstellar war and outfitted many of the current Republic troops with a basic exo-suit, allowing them to run, jump and land harder hits, though it would pale in comparison to the Force Multiplier Circuit that Cencri created but it would allow the Republic troops to hold their own. In order to operate without drawing attention to themselves, their fleet was far from the Alliance systems. When they heard about the fracturing of the Alliance, they placed Agents as they did long ago onto Valem and Etheinia along with Ocia. Etheinia was the first to fall and it wasn't long before Valem fell, now the Republic marches forth, ready to take the Alliance and reclaim their seat of power.

2982 - The Republic Fleet arrives within the Alliance system, although the Alliance were ready they had not suspected such a large fleet of 20,000 ships with over a dozen capital ships. The Alliance and Republic fleet met on and both seemed to be at a stalemate, but from the flank comes another fleet of Mercenary fleet allied with the Republic, the Republic have learned a few new tricks from their Interstellar War and the Alliance had no choice but to abandon the Ocia systems but not before evacuation all the Ocia civilians and taking them into the Altrian planets. Opruna, Novan, Achaem and Cencri declared war on the Republic. Seemed history was repeating itself once more.

  • The Republic arrive with the largest force the Alliance have seen, nearly 20,000 ships with over two dozen capital ships leading them,
  • Battle of Ocia - Republic Victory, Alliance Fleet was overwhelmed by the sheer number of Republic forces and forced to retreat.
  • Fall of Valem, Etheinia and Ocia has occured, all three are now under Republic control.
  • Alliance readies themselves for war.

2984 - Two years have passed and the skirmishes continue head on. The Alliance have manage to hold the Republic off from entering the Alliance systems but on the ground, Republic are proving to have gotten far stronger than the Alliance thought. Many of the Alliance settlements have fallen under the Republics control and soon they plan on taking Opruna once more. The Praetoris Foundation would eventually join the war seeing as they have a long hatred with the Republic for various reasons and also to aid the Alliance.

  • Republic and Alliance continue to fight each other in Naval fights.
  • Alliance settlements and off world planets were taken once more.
  • The Praetoris Foundation official joins the war.
Fantasy-art 00369336

Blitz of Achaem. Achaem's fleet burns.

2986 - Achaem is in disarray, the Republic blitz Achaem so hard that the Alliance Fleet could not arrive in time to stop, many of Achaem's planets are destroyed to rubble or have been enslaved by the Republic, with the fall of Achaem, much of the Alliance technology has fallen into Republic hands except for the military's armor and Altria's AI. Those were destroyed quickly by Achaem's scientist before they were flown to Cencri for sanctuary. Altria, Opruna, Cencri, Novan and Praetoris Foundation however manage to beat back the Republic forces over Ocia but they still held control of Ocia.

  • Blitz of Achaem - Republic Victory, Alliance fleet is unable to arrive in time to aid Achaem as they are overwhelmed and destroyed by the Republic.
  • Republic now controls Achaem. Achaem's leader is transported to Altria.
Atlria attacked

Altria's Capital attacked. Mercenary troops on rooftop and para shooting in while Altria's fire back.

2988 - The Republic have manage to push their way towards Altria's capital and began sieging the capital. Mercenaries under Republic banner arrived during the naval fight for Altria and flanked the Alliance fleet forcing them to fall back and allow the Republic to fully commit on Altria's capital, but hope still maintained. Cencri deploys their first usage of Titans, all 95 whom survived the Augmentation procedures. The Titans arrived just south of the main Republic forces and the whole world watches the new soldiers Cencri had created with no one's knowledge. It was a massacre by the Titans, they easily and heavily decimated the Republic troops without much effort as the Republic were forced to retreat after holding the Capital for a meager few weeks. Their prowess on the battlefield earned the Republics fear and all who saw them ran.

  • Ambush of Altria - Republic Victory, Altrian's Capital falls after the Republic Mercenary flanks Alliance Fleet and is forced to give up their Capital as a result.
  • Altria's Capital is taken! Republic ground troops gains the upper hand over Alliance forces.
  • Cencri deploys their Titan, first time in warfare and they decimate the Republic forces. The Titans's augmentation along with armor and AI within each one easily handled their forces and forced the Republic to flee.
Liberation of Ocia

Ocia's Liberation. Alliance jet flies overhead.

2990 - The fighting continues as Titans were deployed in groups of five some times larger depending on the mission and fire team. The Titans would eventually earn their nickname as Death, any Republic Troop that spotted them were given clear orders to abandon their post and find reinforcements. The Titans aid would eventually allow the Alliance forces to retake and win much more battles than ever before not to mention they were good at guerrilla tactics, destroying Republic supplies and outpost. Slowly during the course of two years, the Republic were being beaten back; Valem and Ocia would be liberated over time.

  • Battle for Altria - Alliance Victory, Republic held capital for one week before Titans were deployed and destroyed in a matter of three days. No casualties on colonial part.
  • Liberation of Ocia - Alliance Victory, Alliance Fleet manages to drive back Republic Fleet after the losses on Altria Capital.
  • Liberation of Achaem - Alliance Victory. Titans were deployed and destroy the Republic Ground forces while Alliance Fleet dealt with the Republic Fleet. Titans proved to be the winning factor as they destroyed the Republic ground troops and Alliance manages to push the Republic Fleet back.
  • Battle over Opruna- Alliance Victory. Once again Oprunai is under attack but this time by Mercenaries, they were easily dispatched as they quickly abandoned the Republic forces once they realized they were going to lose.
  • Battle of Freya - Alliance Victory, Freya one of Valem's main planet were liberated by Alliance forces when Republic loses once more.
  • Liberation of Valem - Alliance victory, Titans once again decimated the Republic troops but this would be the first documented death of a Titan. Republic forces in fear bombarded the Valem capital which caused the death of a titan. He would be recovered and listed KIA but his status would be kept from everyone, only James Cencri would be aware of his death.
Republic and alliance

Alliance and Republic fleet meet over Etheinia.

2992 - This would be the final battle of the Republic War. Alliance Fleet and Republic meet head on at Etheinia capital as they engaged. Suffering losses over the two years have dwineled down the massive fleet from 20,000 down to 10,000 almost half their numbers. The Alliance fleet were medium but still held 2,000 ships over the Republic.

  • Republic and Alliance fleet meet head on, frigates and fighters were deployed as the entire area around them erupted in fights and explosions.
  • Titans were reporting among the fighting. Their mission were to board multiple ships and commandeer them against the Republic ships.
  • This proved to be helpful as Titans easily destroyed whatever resistance they had and Alliance forces took over any liberated Republic ship before Titans left to commandeer another.
  • Eventually the Republic was overwhelmed and defeated this time the Alliance left no survivors. The Admiral was given his final rites before he was executed in public .

The 10 year war against the Republic was no more, the Alliance left no survivors and the Admiral was captured and executed not before he was interrogated for any information. Once again the Alliance was restored as Valem, Ocia and Etheinia needed help to rebuild and rejoined. However the factions were allowed to be kept and simply just had multiple leaders from each Valem, Ocia and Etheinia arrive when a meeting was called. What pressed matters more was everyone was looking at Cencri, while the Titans proved to be the deciding factor in the war many were questioning why he kept it a secret for so long, some thought Cencri planned on taking over the Alliances. True, if Cencri had never made the Titans, the Alliance would win due to the Preatoris Foundation whom aided the Alliance in many ways but the cost of winning would of been far worse than today. For that, the Alliance was willing to overlook Cencri's Project but the feeling of fear and animosity would grow between Cencri and much of the Alliance members. The Golden Age of the Alliance has begun to fall.

Fall of the Alliance

It's been 10 years since the Remnants of the Republic was destroyed, almost all Republic held systems were liberated and reintegrated back into the Alliance. For now things were relatively calm and peaceful, although many are demanding that Cencri give up their Titan technology to which Cencri has denied multiple times. However, unbeknownst to everyone strange energetic anomaly were appearing throughout the far reaches of the universe, they wouldn't be notice until later but their arrival would usher in the greatest massacre ever witness by the Alliance.

3002 - Alliance is at peace, reconstruction is almost done as people are slowly going back to civilian lifestyle. The Cencri Titans are continuing to do special missions at request of Tera. Cencri was already in the middle of creating a second class of Titans. A meeting was called between all leaders of the Alliance since James now had no choice but to reveal everything behind the scenes about the Titans.

  • Reconstruction is nearly completed.
  • Second Class of Titans underway while the first class was being sent to special mission across the colonial sector, their mission is classified.
  • A meeting is called, James is forced to reveal the Project and how it came to be.
  • James is allowed his seat as Chairman of the Alliance, alongside making only Cencri able to create Titans.

Scryer Civil War


Scyer. Red or Blue is the normal color of their lights.

Year 3012, Golden Age, while things were peaceful in the Alliance systems; deep within the far reaches of the universe, the anomaly energy continues to seep throughout and any advance civilization would detect the space time anomaly. But what was truly happening was a civil war between a Transient Beings calling known as the Lunaries, their existence predates any known civilization and is rumored that they were born just shortly after the Big Bang, the event that culminated in the creation of the Universe. Within the Lunaries there were two faction known as the Scions and Scryers. Their philosophies differ in that Scryers believe life should be watched and leashed; when one civilization gets to far, they arrive and purge all life including their home planet in which they came from; but they also knew that by doing so they'd risk those special planets and thus they would seed worlds with life to replace the ones lost. The Scions heavily disagree and they believe life should be allow to flourish free from any known interference. Over the billions of years they had their disagreements but eventually they came to war.

The Scryers were so high in terms of technology, species and culture that in humans terms they would be Tier A, the ability to manipulate life, travel through known galaxies, Terra-form planets in matter of days and harness the energies of the known universe. The war would rage on for almost 28 years fighting through out their own systems, but in the end the Scryers would heavily destroy the more peaceful Scions. What truly separated them was the fact that Scions themselves could use the dark matter and energy of the cosmos, using it to effectively erase any known trace of any being however, they were few in number compared to the Scryers. The Scryers massive numbers and militarization won the war and with the Scions no longer keeping the Scryers in check; they would make their journey towards the Altrian Alliance.


Alliance expedition explores the 'Graveyard'.

3022 - 10 years have passed and things were starting to be grim. Within the first two years, Claire Alker who was revealed to be the biological daughter of James Cencri and Tera Altria. The public's response was 50/50 some praised her mainly Altria and Cencri, that perhaps they could finally join together and be the so called 'Superpower' while others were skeptical; they wanted to know if she would come to govern either Cencri or Altria? Viktor Altria on the other hand was furious; mad that his mother kept such an important information due to the fact that Claire being a true heir of Altria would eventually be the ruling house. Viktor wouldn't have it and attempted to seize control of Altria; that ultimately failed and he would be house arrested. However, ships that were being sent towards the 'Graveyard' of space were never coming back; concerned they sent one last ship to check.

  • Claire Alker is revealed to be the daughter of James and Tera. The world is watching now to see whom she will become.
  • Viktor attempts a coup but fails, he is ultimately house arrested.
  • The Graveyard continues to allude scientist, ships that entered were never seen again. The final ship never made contact back to the Alliance.

3023 - Claire Alker has been missing for almost one year, she was last seen in the Achaem system when she was visiting her foster parent's grandmother. The news broke both James and Tera but more so for James, both Tera and James had his Titans scour the entire colonial system to find her and in six months no news of her was ever found. Tera was heartbroken as she kept to herself more than before. James continued searching hoping for some glimmer of hope but there was none. After a year she was declared MIA. The Graveyard proved to be one of the many warp spaces that the Scryers used to warp between galaxies for faster travel. The ship however never even managed to make their report before they were blasted to smithereens by the Scryers oncoming fleet and arrival.

  • Claire Alker is missing, last seen in Achaem.
  • Six month search and no new was found.
  • A week was given to mourn for Claire.
  • Scryers have arrived on Alliance system.
Scryer held planet.

Scryer heavy soldier on a former Alliance planet.

3040 - 17 years and the once proud Alliance was no more, Tera passed away from a heart attack some 12 years ago. With her passing it was the military advisers that took over and watched over the Alliance. But their philosophies differ, they soon came to Cencri's doorstep with the might of the Alliance Fleet demanding that James be tried for his crimes of Project Deus. With that motion inset, the Alliance broke and the system plunged in chaos. Achaem, Novan and the Preatoris Foundation sided with Cencri. Opruna, Valem, Etheinia, Ocia and many smaller colonies sides with Altra. It was a shit show to say the least, James willing gave himself up in order to not create a war, he was to be tried on Altrian grounds but everyone knew it would be an unfair trial. However, the Scryers were getting closer, reports came from the off world settlements that robotic solders were seen efficiently destroying planet after planet, killing all and any human that they saw without mercy.

  • Tera has gone, the once proud woman and line of Altria is no more. Military advisers took over to rule Altria.
  • The Alliance has broken, with Cencri and Altria at near war due to James unlawful detainment.
Scryer over Valem

Scryer ship over Valem.

3042 - A dark day indeed....James and the Alliance fleet that was sent to take him to Altria never made it. He was forever declared MIA. But the worse was the two years....two quick years they wiped out colony after colony. Planet after planet burned and there was nothing the Alliance could do. They were so advance not even the Titans could beat them back, while the Titans did match them in combat their technology proved far to much and were killed almost instantly. Valem fell first and it wasn't long before Ocia and Etheinia were glassed. From here on out, any history written were nothing more than survivors recounts and stories, for all history were lost or destroyed.

  • James is declared MIA after the escort never arrived.
  • The Scryers arrived and began to destroying the Alliance, there was no hope for them at all.
  • Destruction of Valem - Scryer total victory, one capital ship arrived and glassed the planet after their ground troops scoured the planet and killed everyone. Titans were deployed but made no difference, human technology was nothing compared to the Scryers and all 94 first generation Titans were killed.
  • The Scryer begin their 200 year campaign to wipe out any known Human planet and settlements.

200 Year Massacre

Scryer Victory of Altria

Scryer victory over Altria.

Destruction of Altria - The events culminating to the destruction of Altria is uncertain but what is known is the Scryers arrived on Altria after wiping out the smaller colonies. They decided the crown jewel, the beating heart of the former Alliance would be the first to fall. They arrived en mass and began to systemically wipe out all known Altrian settlements, colonies and planets. It took just 7 hours before they arrived on the Capital. Survivor recounts tell that their massive soldiers wreck havoc on the planet side and Alliance soldiers were killed like gnats. Rumors were Titans were on the ground as well but not a single one was left alive at the end. In one hour the capital fell, in two the entire planet and in three Altria system was glassed. All shuttles attempting to leave the planet were killed all but one landed on Achaem.

Destruction of Achaem - The Scryers turned their attention to Achaem, known for their mass numbers of soldiers and ships they easily arrived in forced, smashed through the orbital defenses and laid waste to all that was Achaem. Their leader attempted to outmaneuver them but it was useless, they simply opened a miniature black hole and erased every soldier, ship and shuttle from existence. The planet and systems were glassed within the hour.

Cencri final stand

Cencri's third and final destruction. Their planet turned to glass.

Cencri's Final Stand - Cencri was the last to fall, they managed to scatter all expeditionary shuttles to flee their planets but it was pointless all of them were destroyed or so what Cencri thought. Cencri's plan was to try and trick the Scryers by scattering thousands and thousands of shuttles with random animals in case the Scryers scanned it for human life. Somehow by sheer luck or stupidity by the Scryers all but one shuttle managed to escape the onslaught. But it wouldn't matter, their fleet had already entered the Cencri System and decided to glass Cencri all together, not wanting to deal with their so called 'Titans'. One just one hour Cencri fell and all that was the pride of Cencri was rubble and glass.

Aftermath of the Human genocide


Destruction of Earth and the Solar System.

200 years....for 200 long years the Scryers moved system to system, galaxy to galaxy and began systemically wiping out humans to restart life for the Universe. Rumor has it the former Republic didn't even last much less one year unlike the Alliance who lasted 1 fun year. The finally killing blow was the arrival to Earth, the Human's home planet and instead of glassing it, they blew up the planet and the entire Sol system, nothing remains while the Sun was drained of it's energy and left behind the core of a sun, a mass of iron, left to shine among the floating rocks of the Solar System. The Scryers, having finally finished off the Humans, returned to their slumber, when they'll awake once more is uncertain. Their reasoning in destroying Earth and the Sol system was they were more than willing to sack one solar system if it mean Humanity would never rise again, for they could easily seed another planet or system with life to replace Earth. In 200 years....everything was gone Altria, Cencri, the pride of the Alliance was reduced, their planets glassed to hell and their peoples near extinct. Earth was no more, the planet was blown and the sun was destroyed, of course this knowledge would never be known to Alliance survivors and descendants. The only place left was Primordia, a distant planet much like Earth, where they hope to rebuild and flourish once more.



Primordia the last bastion of human power.

It is the year 3242, the survivors have been on Primordia for 2 generations, much of their technology has revert back to conventional weaponry and ships. They no longer have FTL travel or any of their technology from ages past. They now must make their new future on this planet and flourish as they once did 1,000 years ago. This time there will be no hand holding from the Republic or any Alliance to aid them, they are the last seat of mankind, their survival on this planet will determine the fate of Humans in the Universe.

3242 - Primordia has just begun progressing after having to rebuild for the last 200 years. The current population are the descendants of the Alliance system. For 200 years, they've rebuilt, under the belief that they were all that remained of the Human race. To ensure that they wouldn't be found, they use much of their older technology, relying on bullets, gunpowder their currently tech that predates to the Alliance was their light mobile exo suits, although it would never match Cencri's carbo-titanium exo suit, it served its purpose. Primordia was currently ruled by a Council of people mainly leaders of Cencri, Altria, Achaem, Praetoris and Opruna, although the head chairman would be the leader of Primordia and because they were on Primordia, he would be the de facto leader.

  • Primordia is the current homeworld of Humans, perhaps the only remaining ones.
  • Things have been quiet, they've rebuild to an extent and currently work on exploring the rest of the planet.

3252 - It's not secret that humans have always had their differences despite all the hardships they've endured, they once again fail to see the common goal and peace that drives them together and instead a civil war erupts on the planet. People were unhappy, much like human history, the chairman of the Council have always tried to impose his laws and rules. The council have always been split, Cencri, Achaem and Altria have always stuck together due to their long histories while Opruna, Preatoris and Primordia have sided together due to their common goal, this time things went bad. In one night, multiple cities were hit by rebels, some claim to be on the Altrian side while others believe that they no longer want any part of the current government of Primordia. Whatever the difference was, it mattered little as rebel groups went cities to cities and attacked major cities that were predominately under the current government of Primordia. The war would rage for 10 years, it was the first war and hopefully the last.

  • Syndicate Union was formed, their leader is unknown, but they are responsible for the attacks on the cities in Primordia.
  • The rebellion wasn't like a war, rather it was mainly small skirmishes and riots within cities, there was no 'battles' that erupted between armies which was the main reason why the rebellion lasted so long
  • The war would eventually come to an end when the chairman committed suicide, though whether those reports were true is unknown
  • The war ended after 7 years but the 3 years of cease fire was negotiated by the councilmen and the Syndicate.
  • The old government would eventually change into the Republic of Primordia also known as United Terran Alliance or Primordia Coalition.

3260 - 8 years since the Civil war erupted between the Syndicate Union and the newly created Republic of Primordia, in order to appease the people, they destroyed the old Federation of Primordia and recreated the Republic, though many feared it would follow the rules and regulation of the Earth's Republic, there were many checks and balances in place to assure that the Republic would never go mad with power. The democratic Republic is lead by one President and a Parliament made up politicians from various countries would reside to ensure laws were fair, safe and within reason while a judicial branch was created to ensure all laws would be double check and if need by change or deny the laws for reasons. For now things were relatively stable as many of the former Federations rules and regulations were removed and replaced to better the people.

  • Peace has been achieved although it's a rocky one at best, the Syndicate Union would eventually dissolve itself as they found that the new Republic worked better than the old.
  • Recent discoveries of Altrian technology dating back to the Altrian Alliance was found and in secret began reserve engineering it

3290 - 30 years later and the planet was celebrating, for the first thing their efforts proved fruitful as they released to the public that they've managed to finally created the hyper drive, though how they acquired the tech was unknown but no one knew that. With this recent discovery, peoples were anxious to explore the outer reaches of the world once more but more important to see if Earth and any other human colonies existed out there. Fleets upon fleets of ships were outfitted with the hyper drive and mass expansion occurred once more, this time with strict rules, they were only allowed to expand a certain limit, not wanting to provoke the Scryers, for their slumber is unknown to the Humans. It mattered now, people were ecstatic to finally explore and hopefully be the next rich person of Primordia.

3296 - In 6 years planets upon planets were being colonized and populated, technology here on Primordia expanded as they continue to use old Altrian Technology in hopes of improving their technology, their military hasn't changed all that much still using assault rifles and body army, but their new exosuits have been improved heavily not to mention a wide variety of gadgets such as the EMP grenade, Mag Grip designed for military and Spec. Ops to scale walls, currently only usable on metallic surfaces.