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This is Warfront: Revelation. An entire universe created by roleplayers who have experience in writing, creating and imagining. Warfront is a sci-fi universe that has been constructed from the ground up by individuals who have made the world rich and diverse as possible. This roleplay is being conducted both in text and Stellaris gameplay.

  • Originally formed together and made as Warfront: Rising Millenium, it has been renamed to Warfront: Revelation with new ideas and new paths to take.

Warfront: Revelations AuthorsEdit

Main Author Edit

  • Josh [TheArchEmperor]

Compendium of Galactic History Edit

Timeline of Warfront (Needs to be redone to fit new lore)

Factions of Warfront

Races of Warfront

Planets of Warfront: Rising Millennium

Fleets of Warfront

Armies of Warfront

Armories of Warfront

FTL Modules

Histories of Galactic Wars

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