Space Wolves

The Empire of the Dolams of the Solanae System Edit

The "Solanae Imperium" is a Thalassocratic Empire, seeking control of the sector through power of trade, and if needed, force of arms. The creators of the empire, the Dolams, are a race of bipedal canids. They appear similar to the Werewolves of Terran Lore of Old, standing at a rough seven feet tall on average, with lean builds. As a race, they produce a large number of inventors and value ingenuity highly. This has an effect on there technology, limiting the "Higher" technical advancements for more advances at the "Lower" levels of technology. As an example, While they could of invented Laser or Plasma technology for their main troops, they have focused on perfecting hand-held rail cannons, or "Rail Rifles." The Empire controls a large number of systems personally, roughly 30, and controls a large portion of the trade of the surrounding systems.