The Advent, whose society is known collectively as “Ascendancy,” is a highly advanced pseudo-religious civilization that relies heavily on spiritualism, psychic prowess and cybernetic technologies. A sense of elitism permeates the Advent and is most strongly expressed through the high value its members place on psionic ability.

In the aftermath of the Advent Creation as a civilization that can be comparable to the Scyers & Scions before they became what they are now, The Advent Ascendancy established a new galactic power in the galaxy's northern portions. This Empire, also known as the Ascendant Dominion, was created as the Scryers desired a race to watch over the galaxy during the long periods of slumber, a watcher to ensure the growth of lesser species and the utter destruction of advanced civilizations. Led by the High-Ascendant Vitiate, the Advent wandered aimlessly through space in search of a home. After their departure from the original Scryer's territory, the Advent discovered the forgotten world of Adventos and settled it to begin the process of building their civilization and technology

During the process, Vitiate proclaimed himself to be the Ascendant of his people and uncontested ruler of his people. Under the care of the Ascendant and his Triumvirate, the Ascendancy established its powerbase and began building a mighty war machine, with the intent of eventually returning to combat with the Scryers once more. The Advent worked towards that goal, gradually expanding and gaining more power and influence. During that time, the Advent were discovered by Vasarians of the Gemini Imperium, who were forcibly executed via psionic means by the Vitiate. Although they were bound to the Scryer's rules of balance, there were expections, and as vanguards of the Scryer's eventual invasion, they embarked on a Millennium-long war against the Vasari species in an attempt to exterminate them.

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